Regional Requirements

The requirements to become a certified region according to the State Competition Committee is a 3-year process. During this process you will need to designate a regional director. It is highly encouraged to have a co-director but not required. The Geographic areas for non-active regions have been determine by the state already. Refer to the map for additional details about region layouts.

Year 1 (Application year):

  • Set up a meeting with the Director or State Steering Committee Member

  • Can start as small as one school or district.

  • Director and Co-Director (if applicable) need to attend an active regional event

  • Director and Co-Director (if applicable) need to attend the State Event

  • The geographic area has been already established by the state for non-active regions.

Year 2 (Probationary year):

  • Areas that are involved indicated on the map as an active region with

  • Growth is expected to expand to other counties in the region

Year 3 (Certification year):

  • Full region is indicated on the Map

  • Everyone in your region must be allowed to participate.

Requirements to maintain a regional certification

  • Competition is open to whole region each year

  • Students from region participates at state each year

  • Regional Director or representative attend the planning meeting in February

  • Regional Director of regional representative help by working at the State Competition